Availability and Rates

Booking Rates and Minimum Stay Requirements (see below)
These vary by season
Should you have flexibility with your dates, we can discuss discounted rates and waivers to the minimum stay requirements.
Minimum age requirement 30 years old.

Payment Schedule
30% advance deposit at time of booking, with the balance due 45 days in advance of your reservation. Charges to your credit card and refunds via Stripe or PayPal incur a 3% processing fee. Payments and refunds processed through Venmo incur no fees.

Cancelation Policy
All deposits are non-refundable, unless, we are able to re-book those dates, in which case, we’re return your deposit net of transaction fees and/or extend a credit towards a future reservation. Travel insurance is another option to consider as an alternative.

Damage Deposit
None. Your credit card number will be held on file. You will be notified as to the nature and extent of those damages and the cost of any repairs or excessive cleaning costs prior to any charges to your credit card.


12274 E Willow Loop Road, Brighton, Utah 84121

May21st-TPLB - Rates - Returning Guests - 2024 - 2025
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